How To Become A Model In Australia

So you have finally decided to take the plunge and take your modelling career to the next level! But where do you begin? Whether you have just come out of school, crossing over from dance to modelling, or finally following you lifelong dream, let us help you pave that road to success with out top tips on getting you started.


We live in a digital age where most submissions are made online. Whether you are applying to a modelling agency or your agent/manager is submitting your profile for an upcoming job, having professional digitals and/or headshots makes all the difference in Casting Directors and Brand managers taking you seriously as a professional model or actor. Reach out to The Photo Studio to see how they can help you build your professional portfolio. Alternatively contact the team at Freelance House to see what packages are currently available to you.

Self Care

So, you usually cut your own bangs and have a habit of wearing those extra worn in Ugg Boots down to your local shops. Well its time to reset your self care regime. Self-maintenance may be time consuming, however it will make all the difference in the long run. Invest in a retinol-based moisturiser (your skin will thank you for it). Pick up a leave in hair mask the next time you are out and get into the habit of walking in some heels as often as possible.


Whether you are just starting out in the industry, or have been around the block a few times, gaining representation from an agency can be beneficial for those of us who just don’t have time management skills to constantly network, scout work for ourselves and play the never ending submission game. An agent can be the answer for those who just want a professional to take care of all the finer details in contracts and job briefs.

Social Media

Social media is your best friend. Get those followers up and try to keep your posts strictly work or influencer related. Brands are often scouting on IG and are always looking for the next fresh face to represent their brand. Try to keep you personal posts to a minimum and always ensure you add the right hashtags!


Just like with any profession, education and knowledge of the industry is key. We wouldn’t expect to just walk into a day of work as a plumber and know just what to do would we? YouTube is filled with online tutorial classes where you can expand your knowledge on topics like how to walk on the runway, or how to find the best angle when posing. Better yet invest some money into your career by enrolling yourself in an online modelling course.

The creative industry is constantly evolving each and every day, with an abundance of information and resources on social media and online portals, it has never been easier to equip yourself with the right tools, in order to create a successful career as a model or commercial actor.