Freelance House was born out of a passion for the creative industry and a vision to change this industry as we know it! From its conception in 2019 Freelance House has grown to be one of the industry's fastest growing brands, with a team dedicated to bridging the gap between freelance talent, creatives,  brand managers and casting directors. Freelance House has created a platform to cater for both new and seasoned talent within the industry.

With an emphasis on supporting talent without locking them into contracts or exclusively controlling their careers. Freelance House has streamlined a process where talent and creatives, be it represented or not, can access a platform to be exposed to more work opportunities and be marketed to clients Australia wide.

The platform was initially created as an internal workflow solution, and quickly gained momentum within the industry. With hundreds of users joining the platform monthly, Freelance House's creative hub is one of the most popular avenues for both represented and non represented talent to gain work perspectives.

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