What is a Freelance Model?

Freelance: self-employed and hired to work for different companies on particular assignments.

If you are a freelance artist you are responsible for representing and marketing yourself in the industry, you are also responsible for finding yourself work and negotiating fees and terms.

Freelancers have been around since the beginning of time, however with the rise of social media and platforms, more and more models, dancers and actors are choosing to tackle the industry themselves without having representation.

One of the great advantages of remaining freelance is not having to be governed by your chosen agency. Unlike represented talent, you have the freedom to change your hair, add tattoos or piercings, take jobs you feel fit your image and travel without having to report back to an agency.

When signed with an agency you will usually be locked into a contract for 1-2 years, whilst having to pay agency fees to be a part of this agency. All while not having a guarantee of consistent work.

Being a freelance artist allows you the ability to take control of your image and allows creative individuals to explore different aspects of the industry.

What should I charge?

A lot of the jobs you are scouted for, or that you find online will most likely already have a set rate in place. However this is why a platform like FREELANCE HOUSE can help. Being on a freelance platform will cut out the lengthy process of negotiating a fee. You will need an ABN to work as a model in Australia, which you will supply to your platform, or to the brand you are working with.

Being part of a platform also helps you weed out all the bad work, which let’s face it, as a freelancer you have most likely realised there is a lot of! Your Job Manager or selected platform will help ensure you only go out to jobs that you feel comfortable and safe with.


To showcase your talent and capabilities a modelling portfolio is required. Some agencies will cover the cost of headshots however, freelance models will certainly not have this option. Therefore, save your pennies to create a high standard portfolio that can be used to secure roles, alternatively you can use a TFP photographer to add versatility to your portfolio. Models who are freelance will rely on quality images to promote their potential.

Keep this resource updated and relevant to your goal. Finding work as a model is tough, but armed with a professional portfolio you can showcase your talent and secure those roles when you feel ready. When working with photographers, ensure your selection of images showcases you in different lights and aspects. This will help casting agencies and production companies envision you in a particular shoot or role.

Where to work

Models are wanted by modelling agencies, marketing agencies, magazines, etc and each of them states independent requirements from models and therefore, you should accordingly apply. You should keep in mind the type of modelling project you are applying for and to what company you are applying to. For example, if you are applying for, let’s say an activewear shoot, submit a portfolio of all your best activewear shots and avoid submitting unrelated photo shoots such as a countryside shoot in traditional wear.