Working as a Model during COVID-19

Like most industries, the creative industry has taken a significant hit during what we refer to now as our ‘new normal’. The pandemic has caused an increase in unemployment, with a significant amount of these being from the creative and hospitality industries.

So how do we work through these troubling times as a model? How do we utilize this time to make it count?

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your time in lockdown, and how to continue working in the industry while working through the pandemic and the restrictions and protocols it brings with it.

Utilize your time at home

We have never had so much time on our hands. We would be telling fibs, if we told you our phone and iPad have never had such a workout! Make your time online productive. Use your online resources to see how you can better establish yourself in the industry. Search for platforms where you can market your profile along with groups and forums that can provide you with additional opportunities.

Build your online profile

Take the time to build your online profile. Remove all those old pesky images from your Instagram account. Create a second account where you can upload your personal images (we know how much you love showing off your new puppy). List your qualification in your handle. Investigate which platforms and websites suit your journey. There are platforms targeted at acting gigs, and platforms like Freelance House which will give you more exposure to clients for reasonable prices.

Look for an Agency

This might be the perfect time to join an Agency. Many agencies are now taking talent and offering a longer period of representation for discounted prices due to the current situation. Do your homework and assess whether going down this road might be the right fit for you, and your journey in the creative industry.

Work on your portfolio

If you want to be taken serious in the modelling industry, you will need some form of a portfolio. If you do not already have some images marketing you in different lights and aspects, reach out to photographers to get some new images added to your portfolio. You will be adding value and depth to your portfolio along with investing some money back into the creative industry.


There has never been a better time to up-skill. You have been sent on a few commercial castings and have even managed a few e-commerce campaigns, but how much do you actually know about the industry and what is expected when you are on set.

Utilize your time at home to enrol yourself in a course to assist you with your modelling and acting skills. Your future self will thank you for it. Don't forget to add you Covid19 infection control training to that list!


It has never been easier to connect with brands, agencies and clients. With most new and upcoming brands working so dominantly on Instagram and Facebook, you can directly message them, directing them to your profile marketing yourself and what you can do to help market their brand. Don’t forget to always introduce yourself, use proper grammar and be polite and friendly.

Fashion will always be one of the most progressive industries, making it adaptive and forward thinking….. The industry may have taken a hit, however rest assured it will come back bigger and better than ever, with new and innovative adjustments added to the way we work. Use your time wisely in order to ensure those jobs keep on rolling in as the industry continues to open its doors to what should be an exciting and new way of conducting shoots, campaigns and commercials.